Designing With Color! Moving Past Boring

3x11paletteThere is so much involved in designing.  One must be up on the trends for color and pattern and more. I always have my eyes open to finding things I love to look at!

Here are the Pantone color trends for 2013.

I had to take a close look at them. . . some of them bore me unless they are paired with an “eye-catching” color.  Color is so amazing!  It can make your day!  It can bring a smile to your face, and warm your heart.  It can also bring you down. Why else do people get depressed when they experience too many gray rainy days?  All that because of color? Yes!  Think of the feeling you get when you take a walk and come upon a beautiful scene.  Do you ever “OOOOoooh and Aaaaaahhhh?”  Do colors grab you?

Colors can calm the soul.  One of my favorite movies is Miss Potter.  I like her spunk, I LOVE that she talks to her cartoons,  and I also love the scenes of her beautiful English countryside.  The colors speak peace and tranquility.

One might want calm and peaceful and serene colors for the baby nursery.  So why did I decorate my first child’s nursery in bright sunshine yellow with brown and Kelly Green accents?  ha!  Because I crave bold colors!  All I could think of was that my baby would wake up and want to be inspired by what she saw.  The room had to be warm and happy and that it was!!

As the room progressed to fit two more daughters into it, we moved to pinks and browns. I loved it, but the girls were not really drawn to it.  Interesting.

In my house, you will find that colors change often.  If I could, I would paint my house every year!  My husband jokes about our bathroom being smaller because of the many times I have painted it!  I am thinking of a new color as I type!!!  I am leaning towards a beautiful blue with just the right amount of purple in it!  Baby blue is okay, but I always want something with a little PUNCH in it! I like to walk into a room and hear my heart sing! La la!  Wall colors can be muted but if that is the case, in my house, the paintings must sing!  Oh how I love a noisy house filled with color.

So what am I to do?  Follow the trends?  Or start my own trends?  Am I brave?  These are the questions every designer must face.  I always lean towards being a renegade trend setter!  ha!

4 thoughts on “Designing With Color! Moving Past Boring

  1. C.Bruzelius says:

    I love bold colors. I love the color palette, but totally agree the colors need to be paired with something bold. I think my biggest fear when pairing colors or patterns with color is being totally mismatched. Sometimes I wonder, can there be a wrong way to pair colors?

    I love watching my children match bold colored striped pants with bright colored tops. They seem to have a knack for finding fun colors and patterns.


    • Leslie Ann Clark says:

      All that being said, sometimes I want to an all gray and white color palette! ha! and yes, there are wrong ways to pair colors. I have done it! Color is an amazing thing. I think most colors look great on little kids no matter what they pair up. They are all just so cute! I pretty much let my girls wear whatever they put together. Now they wonder what I was thinking to let them go to school like that. :0)
      I have a color in my family room right now that bothers me every time I look at it! Aaah….


  2. karen says:

    These colors really say Spring and Summer to me. Now I want to paint all the rooms in my house too! The line about your bathroom being smaller because of all the times you painted it is priceless!


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