The Master List!


Hooray for The Master List! There is nothing like getting all your thoughts on paper…. and yes, I said paper!  Sitting right in front of me where I can doodle on it, cross it off, highlight it etc. I have tried the electronic list making but nothing quite satisfies this artist.

All my ideas are added to my The Master List.  For a creative person, this list is quite freeing!  I can stop trying to shuffle all of this around in my head.  Yes, these items and more have been yelling at me from my head!  ha!  Everything was fighting for recognition… saying things like,  “Me first!”,  “NO! Me first!”

Now I can decide who is first!  Does this sound a little scary to you?  Leslie is hearing things?  I assure you, this is the world of many of us who are visual thinkers!  The world speaks to us! Being the cartoonist that I am, I can actually imagine people as cartoons.  Many of my Facebook friends can attest to that fact.  It’s quite fun!

Okay,  Now to the next step.  Working at crossing off all these things on the list!  I will keep you posted.

So what do you have on your list?

4 thoughts on “The Master List!

  1. Patti Moore says:

    Thanks for sharing your Master List, Leslie Ann! 🙂 I’m with you!… It really is freeing to get those creative thoughts down on paper. Right now I seem to be obsessed with 3×5 cards… Great for spontaneous scribbling!

    Love your playful artwork!… Happy Drawing to You!!


    • Leslie Ann Clark says:

      Why thank you Patti! I had a trail of 3×5 cards, so I finally got them all on two pages in my sketchbook! yea! Do your 3×5 cards breed like mine? ha! Thanks about my artwork too. You are so kind!



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