I Remember When . . .


Oh little Peepsqueak.  This picture of you reminds me of something that happened to me when I was little.  We were visiting an aunt in Washington.  She had a rope that dangled from a tree in her backyard. She also had a big DOG that came running into the yard barking at ME!  I jumped on that rope and UP, UP, UP  I went!  I did not even know I could climb a rope!  I just did it!  ha ha!

Most of my art comes from my imagination, but it is also from my memories and from my life experiences. All that being said, I think I can still climb a rope!

2 thoughts on “I Remember When . . .

  1. kingsservant says:

    This picture reminded me of a time when I was about 11 years old. We used to go to a local “pond” and there was a big old oak on the bank which had a rope hanging from it. We would run, jump “tarzan style” onto the rope and swing out over the pond – letting go as we swung out and taking a “flying leap” into the water. One Sunday afternoon, I ran from the car, jumped for the rope – grabbing it with both hands and – BANG !!! My head hit the tree and left a scar which I still have in my temple until this very day. I had not noticed that someone had wrapped the rope around the tree one time – it was not hanging free. As I swung out – I actually flew in a circle, right back into the tree trunk!


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