Instant Friends!

A few weeks ago I attended a CCIRA conference in Denver.

I was at the conference to share my new book “Peepsqueak“,  ( but also to help promote SCBWI, The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators!  It is a wonderful organization that helps authors and illustrators figure out how to get published.

During this CCIRA conference I met three people.  Elaine Pease ( and Kathleen Pelley ( and Sarah Azibo, the RMC-SCBWI Exhibits Coordinator.  Sarah is also a writer!

We had a lot of fun talking to passersby.  We were encouraging them to attend a SCBWI event.  It was not hard to sell SCBWI.  When people find out about this group, they LOVE it! There are chapters in many states, and around the world!   (  Many people have told me they want to write a children’s book.  Step 1….. join SCBWI!

During this CCIRA conference we also had time to compare notes about our businesses.  It was great fun!!  Kathleen is from Scotland.  Sarah and I loved sitting and listening to her talk! We all braved the winter storm to attend the conference but it was worth it!!

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