Today’s blog is about FIRSTS!  1sts! 1sts!!! 1sts!!!!  Our lives our full of them!

Hmmmmm….. as I recall,  first step, first tooth, first day of school, first dental appointment, first friend, first spanking, first boyfriend (mine was in kindergarten, he made me laugh and laugh!), first report card, first sleepover, first D, first F ( I know, some of you have never experienced those last two), first dance, first date, first job, first day at second job, first time fired from job with others to follow.., first day at college, first day at second college, first time on probation at college (I know… some of you have never had that unique experience either), first time meeting your husband or wife), first wedding (and only wedding… thankfully!) , first time being a parent, first time diagnosed with a learning disability, first attempt at my own cleaning business, first time quitting my cleaning business after 27 years, first time watching three daughters all leave home for college, first time marrying off three daughters!, first time being a grandparent, first time losing a parent, first time earning a living with art! (AT LAST!), first book with Harper Collins, first book signing at Barnes and Noble!

Yeah, can you see a pattern here?  Not all firsts are fun ones, but all firsts do eventually lead to fun firsts if you keep at it! Each experience makes you uniquely YOU. The bad 1sts can either hone you or wreck you.  The decision is yours.

My faith tells me to keep moving.  My faith tells me NOT to let experiences dictate who I am.  For me, this is not a vague faith in some mystic aura loaded transient do da day. I am not deep enough for that. . . or perhaps I am too deep for that?  Ha!  My faith? Jesus. He is the only one who knows how to put all these crazy pieces of life together to make sense and then pull off something I could not do on my own.  Pretty amazing eh?  I think so, but then again, it is not time to sit and bask in my own wonderfulness. haha… gotta keep moving forward and keep life fresh!  Keep faith’s fire burning!

Do I feel another book in me? … or … wait! … is that my pencil moving? .. is another character ready to appear on a page? Ooh…. how exciting!  Being an artist is so doggone fun!!!

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9 thoughts on “Firsts!

  1. Karen Hoppes says:

    Congratulations on this first Leslie!!!! However let there be a second. a third and many more. Many people love you and support you which helps through all the firsts bad and good. Your faith and your talent will take you far!!!

    Karen Hoppes


    • Leslie Ann Clark says:

      Thanks Karen! and who do you suppose was standing in the store right when I got there? Yvonne Turner!!! It was great! Her daughter came too. You are right, friends help us get through a lot. We are all in this life together! Hope all is well with you. Yvonne said you were doing better. I was so hoping that was the case. You have been through a LOt!


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