Winter Does Not Last Forever!

Just when you think winter will last forever, all the snow melts giving way to green grass and flowering plants.  I often like to go back and look at my summer pictures to remember the warm days.  It’s only a couple of months until Spring!!!!


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5 thoughts on “Winter Does Not Last Forever!

  1. Sharyn Sowell says:

    Yay, so true! Winter doesn’t last forever, and I saw some snowdrops already, too. Jane & I went to the Flower & Garden show this week, there are bits of blue sky showing and we will have beautiful blossoms and warm breezes before we know it!

    Where has Peepsqueak been spotted this week? I voted for him on Powells but he’s still waiting to show up there… that reviewer was too grown up on the inside, poor thing! Peepsqueak is like you, on the move to more adventures~


    • Leslie Ann Clark says:

      How wonderful! A flower and garden show! They had one in Denver this weekend too but I was at my cousin’s house with my daughter and grandson,decorating Valentines day cookies. It was a nice relaxing day. Thanks for the vote on Powells.. I agree… you have to think like a kid, you can enjoy a LOT of life that way. :0)
      love you my friend!



    • Leslie Ann Clark says:

      I think those little flowers are presents from God! HOpe for the future Spring to come!
      yea for Spring! I LOVE the change of seasons!! Getting slammed with snow in March is not
      as bad as getting it in December…. it melts so fast! :0)


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