Whose At The Door?

Just a few minutes ago my little dog Violet started barking!  I opened the front door and found a brown box. The return address? NY, NY!

“It’s Peepsqueak!” I yelled!

I pulled at the sticky packing tape and ripped open the box! Oh my goodness!  Peepsqueak was all packaged up with his own tag. Next I had to cut him out of a plastic bag!  I will have to talk to Beth at Harper Collins about giving him breathing holes next time. He was no worse for wear and now is sitting  comfortably on a chair in my family room.

Merry Makers is the toy company that made Peepsqueak They have made other fun characters like Olivia, Splat the Cat, Lama Lama, Junie B. Jones and more.  Peepsqueak has not stopped talking about them since he came.

Merry Makers has decided to license Peepsqueak for all the world to buy! How exciting!   Keep an eye out for him come late January.http://www.merrymakersinc.com/index.html

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