How to Hunker Down

It was a good day today… it was an “end” tying day.  I had many projects in the house that needed finishing. I found myself floating from one room to the next.  Fall is a good time for this. I feel like I am getting ready for winter! I am ready to hunker down for when the first snowflakes fly. My mother always had some sort of project going in the winter months. She did a lot of needlework when she was a young mother.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the fairgrounds for the annual Quilt A Fair.  It was so much fun.  There were fabric shops from all over who came to sell their goods.  For an artist, it was a feast!!  Pattern and color and ideas were everywhere!  I stopped abruptly when I came to a corner booth displaying needlework.  There on the wall was the cutest little picture of a rabbit holding a cookie!  I had to have it!!  Only…. in order to HAVE it, I had to make it!  I could almost hear my mother’s voice saying,  “go ahead Leslie! This looks like a fun one”.  So, I bought it! It is ready to stitch as soon as I get the thread.

I have other indoor projects for the winter months.  I just have to get them ready to go!  These are projects I can do “after drawing all day” in the studio. It’s almost like a “story book” way to spend the evening….. with a needle and thread.

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