Kiss Me Baby!

“LIPS” Bench at University of Denver

Have you ever thought about kisses?  I mean, really thought about them?  What a funny thing to do. Big smacker kisses!  So funny!  Human beings make me laugh sometimes.  A kiss can be simple and sweet or passionate.  A few weeks back we were in front of a bookstore. There in front of all the people walking by were two older people kissing like crazy.  It was so weird.  ha!

I suppose anything can become weird if you think about it long enough…. like… like…… sleeping! Every night you brush your teeth… climb into bed, turn off the lights… and sleep. You have to stop everything to do it.  I know one lady who could not sleep. She was so scared at night that she did not sleep for days.  Soon she started seeing things that weren’t there.  How funny that we have to recharge our human bodies with sleep.  …. just thinking….

2 thoughts on “Kiss Me Baby!

  1. Asa Reed Jr says:

    artists, sleeping is for sleeping, why else would it get dark every night? without lights, that is engineers, you would be sleeping now and not wasting time on a computer thinking about kissing, kissing, just go do it, in the book store if you want!


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