Icky Food

“Clean your plate!”,  “Your mother took a lot of time making that dinner for you.”,  “There are plenty of kids in the world that would love to be eating that dinner of yours tonight”, “You are going to sit there until it is all gone!”.

And that is how it was growing up. We all laugh about it now. My mother always wanted to cave and let us get by.  She remembered well how she was not able to eat all foods, but our DAD was the boss!  I truly don’t think there was anything he would not eat. There was nothing we could hold against him!

When you get to be the parent you are free!!!  NO MORE GOOEY EGGS!  In fact, you don’t even let your kids know that they are even served up that way. ha!    Just when you think you have it all figured out, you find you have kids who don’t like meat, rice, spaghetti? What?  What do you mean you don’t like chili?  What’s a parent to do?  My own philosophy became this,  “You sit there till you finish”.  In my mind was the second half of that order. (…..unless you are gagging).  Well, it worked for me…. until my youngest was born. She was hard on me.  She could sit there for the longest time!  My oldest and middle daughter chomping away… under duress…. finishing their plates. Then I would look at the baby and say… (caving here).  “Well, just take two more bites”.     Boy, I did get a lot of grief for that.  Middle daughter announcing how it was not fair, how she had to gag it all down.  I cannot tell you how this effects my belief in my own cooking skills. ha!     Perhaps that is why I finally got free!  Yes,  I listened to a sermon once about finding your gifts that God has given you.  A light bulb went off in my head.  I do not have that gift!!  Of course!! I was FREE!!!

So, now I throw things into a pot… pull salads out of bags, open cans and crank up the stove… throw a little cheese on it and you’re good to go!

One thought on “Icky Food

  1. karen says:

    I laughed especially at the food cartoon, and boy do I get it! (I was the one chomping away, and you were the one gagging! hahaha)
    LOVE your cartoons, Les, keep ’em coming!


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