YO! What? Contracts?

Working on contracts is like reading a foreign language.  I will be happy when my dear agent Alicia calls to translate.  I will take notes, ask questions and then when it is finished, I can finally get to finishing up two wonderful little stories for my grand babies, and many, many more little children with wonder in their eyes!

4 thoughts on “YO! What? Contracts?

  1. Sharyn Sowell says:

    Alicia is a wonder, isn’t she? And I agree with Diane, at the same time chiming in that I have a sweet little grand-daughter who just turned two. Grandmas don’t have to wear dentures and be retired anymore! Whee!


    • Leslie Ann Clark says:

      no way! these little tykes are popping up everywhere! hahaha
      My kids won’t let me wear gramma clothes. They used to tell me what to wear! Although I think it may have been so they could wear it when I wasn’t it. haha!
      Oh do show me a picture of the little girl! She must be about our Henry’s age.


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