Fun Day in the Studio

Run Peep Squeak run!  … all over the studio!  You crack me up!!  I know I am the creator of this precocious young bird, but I am still surprised when an idea comes to life on the page.  For me, that is the joy of being an artist. It is the surprise of a new idea. It can be something as simple as the position of the head or some funny accessory for the character.  Again, I love my job!

2 thoughts on “Fun Day in the Studio

  1. Sharyn Sowell says:

    Oh, my goodness! That’s adorable. It would make the seed of a wonderful cartoon. And just think of what fun it would be to do a childrens’ book that combined photos of the activities of a real child with his/her imaginary friend Pip Squeak. I think you should consider it. I want to buy the first copy.


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