ME . . Myself . . and I

After all this pretending I am taking off my disguise.  I am Leslie Ann, the daughter of Bob and Ann. I am not living in some strange city or walking through a new home. I am not a different person, I am just me.

Even though I dearly love pretending, I find it is best to bring my dreams into the present… to see them come to past with planning and then praying!

This has been an interesting week.  I spent most of it cleaning my studio. (I will post a picture when I finish).  I took out bags and bags of old things!  It is amazing how you can rummage through your possessions year after year and then one day you see that you no long WANT them!  I threw out books, notebooks, and sketchbooks with only a few tired pages of stale art in them.  I bagged up some of my art supplies that will be better used by three daughters and two grandsons.  I discovered old paint cans with dried up paint, and I ousted many little unwelcome spiders!~  I gave it all a bit of new paint to boot!

What is the result of all of this?  A sparkling clean room with more space for new ideas and a fresh outlook.  I hope to purchase my new futon before the snow flies.  It will be nice to snuggle into my little room and create all sorts of new little creatures and characters. I can almost hear them waiting to be born from my pencil and poured out into my computer pages!

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