Sometimes DIRT is a GOOD thing!

SUMMER!!  Seems that every night I am washing off dirt from the garden or from cleaning or whatever! It’s fine with me. I LOVE being outside!  The studio is almost completely cleaned out.  I am only waiting on one more detail. .. .the futon! I look forward to a comfy place to sit while looking through files or sketching up ideas for my next book.

I think that most of my busiest summer days are behind me.  We had a fantastic crowd of upwards of 40,000 hit our town last weekend.  Heaven Fest!!  tons and tons are people came to our reservoir to hear over 70 bands play on at least 8 stages. It was so fun.  Volunteering was great too.  Yesterday I went back to help pick up trash.

We had an “Inside Out” day at our church.  Each year we close the doors of church and we all go out into the community. We partner with the city to paint houses for the elderly, clean up city parks, or whatever needs doin!

It’s back to work this week.  I am refreshed and ready!!  I already have many little cartoons running through my mind, ready to jump on the paper!  Oooohhhhh…. fun fun fun!  I love being an artist!!

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