Picking Paint!


I am an artist, yet picking paint for my walls does not come easy.  For one, I always pick a color that screams at me when I get it on the wall.

Secondly,  I have to find a color I won’t get tired of too quickly.   I picked a pretty blue color and bought two buckets last fall. Just a few weeks ago I opened the paint and put some on the wall.  It S C R E A M E D  at me!!  It was almost scary!  It was not the color you would have in a room you actually SLEEP in.!  Ha!

I decided I had nothing to lose so I poured both buckets into one big 5 gallon bucket. Then I started pouring some of my old paint into the bucket to see if I could find a color I could live with.  I have nearly 5 gallons of what I call, Bluish Greenish Purplish La La.

NO,  I am not putting in on the wall. I could tell that I would tire of it within only a few weeks.  Instead, I went to the store and bought “Blue Lagoon”.  My daughter just painted her bedroom this color. It passed the WOW test.  The WOW test is when you walk into a room and go,  “WOW”.

So, that is the end of my story!

Oh NO!  I just remembered I bought some pale blue for my ceiling… I sure hope it matches Blue Lagoon!!!

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