Let it Grow •Let it Grow • Let it Grow!

Spring is here with Summer just around the corner!  I LOVE this time of year!  With lingering cold and rain my seed planting was at least two weeks late this year.  Still, I think my Zinnias have plenty of time to grow.

My June roses are in full bloom along with the flowers on my Snow on the Mountain. Its like having a big bouquet in our backyard each year.  The lilacs are blooming late and the plum tree has plums this year!

All in all, things are doing well.  I love everything from planting to weeding and trimming.  I think I learned this love of gardening from my father.  When I was young I was given a choice.  Stay inside and clean or go OUTside and weed!  I chose to weed. One time I had a lot of the little neighbor kids helping me.  When I was finished I took great joy in the look of the rose bed without grass and weeds in it.

My garden areas now are mostly flowers in the front and raspberries and tomatoes in the backyard.  This year I planted three pumpkin plants and some gord seeds. ha!  I know I shall see those gourds hanging in my honey suckle bushes! !  I always over plant in small places. I never learn.  hahaha!

Growing a garden is great therapy for me.  Fresh air and exercise. Nothing like it after a long cold winter.

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