Hooray For The Mailman!

Who does not like to get packages in the mail?  The package I received last week was from Spoonflower!  My new fabric came!  It’s quite fun to see Newton made BIG!  I am going to make him into a little pillow to go with my Newton nap mat for little ones.

The “Fernie and Zippy” characters will also be stuffed. My friend Bonnie will quilt the Newton fabric into a “quillo” and I will have her make some pockets on the quillo (nap mat) so that Fernie and Zippy can be tucked in. I will post it when I get the idea figured out.  It is fun to see ideas come together!

3 thoughts on “Hooray For The Mailman!

  1. Leslie Clark says:

    Since this blog entry I have had my friend turn this fabric into little pillows. They are soooo fun!
    Yes, Spoonflower is a blast! Have you tried it yet Brandi? I am going to get some more fabric
    made with the Peep Squeaks blown up!


  2. Dave Dunbar says:

    Dear Leslie Ann,
    I am a Christian free-lance writer who also happens to have an 11 month old grandson named Lucas. My wife and I were in Arizona and came across some clothworks material wih panels of Newton in the 4 seasons. I bought enough to make Lucas a quilt , which I have completed. I want to give him a book about Newton to go with the quilt, but could find no such book. Then, perhaps a moment of Divine inspiration, I thought, “I could write a book about Newton!” I wondered if you would consider letting me send you some ideas (first drafts) of a possible Newton book. You would maintain all rights, of course, and would maybe illustrate it. I think it would sell along with the material in quilt shops and book stores with kid’s books. Please pray about this and tell me what you think God would want you to do.
    In Him,


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