The Making of Fabric

Just finishing up a new line for Clothworks.  I must say,  every line I work on is enjoyable.  It’s like taking a trip and finding treasures along the way.  Ideas pop into my head as I imagine the story that leads to the fabric line.  This newest line might be out early in 2011 unless something changes.  Here’s a sneak peek.  

3 thoughts on “The Making of Fabric

  1. Leslie Clark says:

    that is so sweet of you to say. I think it will be a really really fun collection! too. I will be interested to see how it is received. Who would not have a soft spot for the baby Peep Squeak! ha!
    Do you have baby chicks this year too Brandi?


  2. Brandi Frey says:

    I am one lucky chic, got to sneak a peek of the collection (work in progress) in the design room the other day–I WENT NUTS OVER HOW CUTE IT IS!! I can’t wait to see it on fabric!!


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