One Little Fox

Meet Kamik, the little fox tot!

Kamik means Eskimo boot. (I think I will have to work that into his bio).

I drew him this week for my new book.  He is a baby red fox and lives with a number of other interesting characters in the land of Shivery Timbers.

As with all my cartoons, as soon as I draw them I am captured by them. They are my babies and I have sketchbooks full of them.  (I find it a curious thing that they all want to be famous!)

When I was little I had an great aunt named Emily. She would smile, crunch up her eyes and pinch my cheek!  While I realize that some children would hate this gesture, I found it a wonderful attribute!  Aunt Emily will forever be in my heart!

Aunt Emily once told me that every room should have just a little bit of RED in it.  I was very young when she told me this but it has stayed with me all these years. I think little Kamik the red fox, will be a just the dash of red that I need for my new book.  If he has a little girl friend I shall name her Emily!

4 thoughts on “One Little Fox

  1. les says:

    Thanks Brandi,
    The book is only in the beginning stages. I am only hopeful at this point but its been great fun to work on. All the drawings I am doing will help me to make a great line of fabric for Snofolk!
    Fun fun!!


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