Still Shopping

Leslie Skye shops

It’s January 2, 2010. We are clearly into the New Year and my shopping continues.  Is it a great deal on a sweater?  A new coat on sale? … No!  I am shopping for new ideas!  The hunting process for a new idea varies.  It could be going to the store and seeing what’s OUT there, or a trip to the library for ideas, or looking at websites, or… or…  one of the best ways is when those ideas find YOU!

This morning I went to visit a friend and look at her collection of Christmas villages. Her excitement was contagious.

It was great fun peering into the tiny buildings and imagining what it might be like to be a wee little person living in them.  It did not stop there, that thought lead me to a story idea and even an idea for a whole new LINE.

I found out this new friend is a buyer for a local store.  She told me she is attending the Atlanta gift show next week.  I am sure my eyes got big!  I LOVE going to trade shows!!!  She also mentioned  a gift show in Denver next month that I did not know about. Suddenly I was wanting to GO!  She will get me a pass for one day.

See how that string of events led me to a new path?  That is my favorite part of life!  Twists and turns!

What is around YOUR next corner?  Let us keep our eyes and hearts open and expecting.  Let’s go SHOPPING!

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