What? huh? uh… which one?

A stack of spectacles!  How do you decide?  You get a sales person like Wendy at Target.

“No,  that makes you look like a librarian”, she says.

“Now THOSE are cool!”

“Those are fun!”

“NO!… those are boring!”

Funny how you can completely trust someone else to help pick your glasses.  For all I know she laughed an evil laugh when I walked out the door, saying something like,  “Sucker!”


Spice it UP!

COLOR!  It’s wonderful!  I draw and sketch and scan… THEN comes the color!  I love coloring on my computer.  A blue shirt?…No… I think lavendar would be nice.  Blues with browns?  Greens with yellows… Black with white and a dash of lime green!   Oh how the colors make the art POP! Sometimes I will be looking through a magazine minding my own business when suddenly I see COLORS mixed with other COLORS. I rip it out the picture and promise to use it in my next piece of art!

The Bad with the Good….

It would be great if you could be an artist and draw and paint and color all day…. your imagination giving way to all sorts of amazing bright ideas.  All of this sounds so great… and then comes Paper Work Day!  ACk!  Recording taxes, filing receipts, printing out samples.. watching the printer… back and forth back and forth….

Where is my assistant?

Accountability Day

acctWhat the heck is that?  Okay,  my girlfriend and I were talking.  She just retired and was having a hard time deciding what to do with all her time.  We created “Accountability Day-November 20th“.

This is the day that we will chart our progress with getting done something we have wanted to do.  It can be anything and everything.  A giant TO DO LIST that is DONE!  I have a few things done that I have listed and on that day we will report in!  I  believe we have 4 members now.  The next Accountability Day will be Dec. 20!

It’s Saturday!


It is SATURDAY! I have to keep telling myself that!  hahaha! Today I got up and started off to church!  Ack! I was a whole day early!  Now don’t you tell me you have never done that!

I am off on my walk shortly but had to give my daughter Lori some hi 5’s!  Her senior thesis art show went off great! This is her picture.  She named her presentation, ” Memory Mining”.  It blew us all away.  She had sculpture mixed in with painting and then film.  The film was being shown in a picture frame on the wall above her hand built mantle.  The film was like watching a dream or seeing what memories might look like from your mind’s eye.  Good job Lo lo!  Only a few more weeks and you are done!