It’s Saturday!


It is SATURDAY! I have to keep telling myself that!  hahaha! Today I got up and started off to church!  Ack! I was a whole day early!  Now don’t you tell me you have never done that!

I am off on my walk shortly but had to give my daughter Lori some hi 5’s!  Her senior thesis art show went off great! This is her picture.  She named her presentation, ” Memory Mining”.  It blew us all away.  She had sculpture mixed in with painting and then film.  The film was being shown in a picture frame on the wall above her hand built mantle.  The film was like watching a dream or seeing what memories might look like from your mind’s eye.  Good job Lo lo!  Only a few more weeks and you are done!

3 thoughts on “It’s Saturday!

  1. emily says:

    I hated Saturdays my whole life until I grew up and decided I could clean on any day I wanted. For awhile I refused to clean on Saturdays just because I could. What a rebel.


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