Friday Afternoon Thoughts

calendardaysFriday oh Friday! Why does it already feel like the weekend?  Funny how you think about the days of the week.

Some folks call Mondays “blue”.  They get all sad and down. I suppose that would be very true if you hated your job or were missing your weekend extravaganzas or family members . I always LOVE Mondays.  I love getting back to work. The fa-la-la of the weekend is over and its quiet.  My studio is calling me. I have so many ideas running through my head that they often times collide in my brain and I have to sit down on Mondays and get them on a focused list.

Tuesdays are the same.  Great productive work days.

Wednesdays is known by many as “Hump Day”. For me it feels that way.  I feel like I have to get into gear because the weekend is approaching when all my labor gives way to family and chores. I love my weekends but I don’t want to lose a thought or give way to a flow or momentum.  Its all a delicate balance of life!

If my week has been intense,  Thursdays feel like someone has put a pin in me and slowly the pent up energy is allowed to escape.  Once again, I love Thursdays!.

Fridays begin the weekend.  I don’t know why?  After about 1:00 pm my mindset changes. Its not like I check out and go and party.  I just seem to kick back and think of things like grocery shopping and painting my bedroom or playing cards with some fun crazy friends. (you KNOW who you are!).

Are Saturdays evil?  ha!  That is what my kids used to say.  It is cleaning day.  The house may not always get cleaned that day but if it doesn’t then I have deep seeded feelings of remorse.  My mother ALWAYS made us clean that day.  Dusting (I think that is when I began hating nic nacs), vacuuming, taking out trash and straightening things up that need straightening.  It was great when I had daughter/ slaves, but now it is just me and my husband.  I keep telling him that real men VACUUM!  Heh heh…

Sunday is the day I go to church.  I love church!  Its totally great with lots of extended family.  A whole BUNCH of imperfect folks just like me. hahaha!  But this is where my core is re-established and my goals are set. It is also a day to recharge mental batteries. I try not to take anything too seriously that day… and try not to WORK!  It was not always that way.  My old habits did not give me much time for rest.  Things have CHA CHA CHANGED!  In order to be really creative you must take time to rest!  Afterall, that is what God did in creating all things!

Holidays are just like Sundays. I sometimes get mad at holidays because I would rather be working.  Now you can see WHY I make myself take breaks.  What normal person does not LOVE holidays?  You see, my life is like a holiday for the most part.  Making little characters come to life on a page.  What fun is that!!

“WHO WANTS TO BE BORN TODAY?”, I yell at my sketchbook!  Out pop elves, santas, snowmen, clowns, babies, chickens, bunnies, lambs….  WHAT FUN!

What does your week look like? How do you fill YOUR days?

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